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  • New Generation
  • Configure your e-Priam
    Enjoy effortless up-hill and down-hill support - thanks to the New Generation e-Priam Frame: It combines revolutionary electric mobility and iconic design and is the essential base allowing you to attach one of three different options.   For babies from birth, attach the New Generation Lux Carry Cot or the Cloud Q infant car seat to the frame - in your favorite color. 
    from $1,799.85
    • New Generation
      As soon as your baby can sit upright, we recommend using the New Generation Priam Seat Pack. Choose from different colors and fashion designs to easily customize your New Generation Priam stroller to your lifestyle. The frame needs to be purchased separately and the seat packs are interchangeable, so you can change your stroller’s style whenever you feel like it.
      From $199.95
      • New Generation
        CYBEX Platinum

        Priam Lux Carry Cot

        Elegantly protected: The New Generation Priam Lux Carry Cot is ideal for babies from birth until they’re six months old. Simply click the carry cot to the New Generation Priam Frame and your stroller is ready to go. (*Please note: The New Generation Priam Frame must be purchased separately).
        From $359.95
        • New Generation
          CYBEX Platinum

          e-Priam Frame

          The New Generation e-Priam Frame combines e-technology with design, serves as the base for your New Generation e-Priam stroller, and is available in four elegant colors. You can attach one of three different options to the frame, depending on the age of the child: the Lux Carry Cot, the Cloud Q infant car seat, or the New Generation Priam Seat Pack. All individual products must be purchased separately.
          From $1,199.95
          • New Generation
            The revolutionary New Generation e-Priam e-stroller just got wings, with a heavenly design from fashion icon Jeremy Scott.
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