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CYBEX by DJ Khaled

A Lions Share of Love

The light and the love combined in the new CYBEX by DJ KHALED collection: Get some insights from the music legend himself - in his own words.

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Who did you collaborate with for this collection?

DJ Khaled: Shout out to my queen Nicole. We collaborated and it was just organic, when it came down to the family. It was special, because it means so much to us, but it also means so much to CYBEX. So the key is: great partners.

What do CYBEX and our products mean to you?

It’s beautiful, it’s luxury, and it’s family. I love them all - the design, the luxury look to it, the quality. That’s why we collaborated with them. Because we only represent the best.

Tell us about the final result… 

The product that we designed, we made sure it was the light! It's happiness, it's vibrant, it's colorful, it's exciting. The quality, the material, it’s A-1. CYBEX - bless up!

What was your inspiration? 

When you get our product with CYBEX, just know it represents love, happiness - the blessings.

Cybex Platinum DJ Khaled Collaboration Separator Image