Solution Z-Fix

Your child grows a great deal from 4 years and up but the Solution Z-Fix booster seat is optimized to grow alongside them and adapts to your child's changing needs.
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Internationally Patented 3-Position Reclining headrest
Internationally Patented 3-Position Reclining headrest
The CYBEX internationally patented reclining headrest helps protect the child’s neck and head in the case of a side impact by safely shifting the balance point of the child's head slightly back and preventing it from falling forward. Furthermore, our 3-position headrest guides your child’s head into a more comfortable position.
Automatic height and width adjustment
Automatic height and width adjustment
With one hand, simultaneously adjust the height and width of the seat back into 12 different positions to ensure the proper fit for your growing child.
Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P)
Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P)
Linear Side Impact Protection is a feature of CYBEX car seats that absorbs impact forces of certain side-impact crashes and directs these forces into the energy-absorbing shell of the car seat and away from the child’s sensitive neck area. By extending the L.S.P. system on the side of your car seat facing the door, this feature takes the initial brunt of the force and helps keep your child safer in the event of a near side impact. Car seats with L.S.P. extended see a reduction in near side-impact forces on the baby by up to 25 % when compared to the same car seat without L.S.P.


16 in
21 - 23 in
24.5 - 32.5 in
15.9 lbs

What is included?

What is included?

  • Solution Z-Fix Child Car Seat
  • Latch Guide
  • User Guide

Installation and Securing Your Child

Where can I check to make sure my car seat is installed properly?

CYBEX recommends getting your car seat installation checked by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. At CYBEX we have certified car seat technicians available to assist you though our customer service team at ParentLink at 1-877-242-5646 or We also have virtual appointments available at

How do I know if I have LATCH available in my vehicle to install the car seat?

Most U.S. vehicles manufactured on or after September 1, 2002, are equipped with LATCH. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual under the Child Restraints section to confirm and see where you latch connections are.

What is the difference between Rigid Latch vs Flexible Latch?

Flexible lower anchor connectors are connected to each other with flexible webbing. Rigid lower anchor connectors are rigidly attached to the car seat shell or car seat base and there is no flexible webbing. Rigid lower anchor connectors are spaced exactly 11 inches apart to correspond with the standard spacing of lower anchors in the vehicle. CYBEX allows flexible lower anchors to be used with spacing between 11 - 20" apart and given the vehicle manufacturer allows this use.

Can I use my CYBEX booster without the backrest?

Never use the booster base without the backrest attached.


Where can I get replacement parts for my product?

You can order replacement parts from our customer service team at ParentLink. Please contact them at or by calling 1-877-242-5676.

Safe Travel

What kind of clothing should my child wear when seated in the car seat?

Thick clothing prevents the harness from lying snugly against the body. This incorrect harness use results in a loose or slack harness which in turn reduces the performance of the child restraint in crashes. Also, in everyday use, the loose harness could result in the harness slipping off the child's shoulders. For this reason, your child should wear everyday clothing. Thick clothing, such as puffy jackets, should not be worn in the car seat. In cold weather, after your child has been harnessed in the car seat, their jacket or a blanket can be placed over the child for extra warmth.


Can the car seat be used in a seating position that has a side airbag?

Yes, the car seat can be used in the seating position adjacent to a side airbag unless otherwise indicated in the vehicle owner's manual.

When does my CYBEX booster seat expire?

You can find the date of manufacture and expiration date on a sticker located on the bottom of your CYBEX booster seat. Every car seat has an expiration due largely to allow you the benefit of regulatory changes and technology enhancements in child passenger safety. CYBEX boosters have been certified for 8 years from the date of manufacture. Once your booster seat has reached its expiration date, we recommend recycling the seat by contacting your local community recycling center.

Is it ok to keep using my CYBEX car seat after an accident?

We at CYBEX always recommend that you replace child restraint after a crash of any kind, even if it was unoccupied. A crash can cause unseen damage to the child restraint that may not be visible and this damage can pose an increased risk to safety. Your insurance company may be able to provide some assistance in replacing the child restraint. For more info, please reach out to our Customer Service team at ParentLink at or by calling 1-877-242-5676.

When is a child too big for my CYBEX Solution Z Fix booster seat?

This CYBEX Solution Z-Fix booster seat is designed for children weighing between 40-110 lbs. AND whose height is 38-60" tall. The belt guide should be positioned at or just above the child's shoulders so that the vehicle shoulder belt lies across the middle of the shoulder and the lap belt is positioned low and snug at the child's hips. In addition, you will want to ensure that the top of the child's ears are below the top of the booster seat.

When can I place my child in a booster seat?

There are a number of things to consider when deciding whether to a child is ready to use a booster seat, including: the weight and height rating on their current harnessed child seat, the child's own weight and height, their maturity, and the seating positions available in your vehicle.   You will want to make sure your child is mature enough to sit in a booster seat and not put the vehicle belt under their arm or behind their back.  You will also want to ensure that they have met or are approaching the weight or height limit of the child restraint they are currently using.  When a child is properly restrained in a booster seat, their risk of injury in all types of crashes is reduced.