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Anoris T i-Size Award
  • Test Winner 05/2022
  • - 27%
    CYBEX Platinum
    The test winner in the 2022 Stiftung Warentest & ADAC test. The Anoris T i-Size gives approx. 50% more protection than comparable seats, with safe forward-facing travel and more family interaction. All thanks to an integrated full-body airbag – a wor ...
    • Age 15 mths - approx. 6 yrs
    • Weight max. 21 kg
    • Regulation UN R129/03
    • 76 - 115 cm
    • Up to 50% safer than conventional forward-facing car seats
    • Direct interaction with your child
    • Maximum comfort for your growing child
    • From >15 months up to approx. 6 years
    Was €749.95 , is €549.95
    Pallas G i-Size Award
    • Test Winner 05/2021
      Meet the award-winning Pallas G i-Size forward-facing car seat. An advanced impact shield delivers even better safety by reducing the risk of neck injuries by 40%¹. Plus option equipped with innovative all-round air ventilation.
      • Age 15 mths - approx. 12 yrs
      • Weight 9 - 50 kg
      • Regulation UN R129/03
      • 76 - 150 cm
      • 40% reduction in neck injuries
      • More than 10 years usability
      • Secures your child in seconds
      From €249.95
      • - 18%
        CYBEX Gold
        A handy buggy that’s ready to use from birth. An ultra-compact fold and travel system-readiness make it an ideal city companion. Now featuring a one-pull harness.
        • Age 0 - approx. 4 yrs
        • Weight 22 kg
        • Ergonomic Lie-flat
        • Compact Fold
        • Travel System
        Was €339.95 , is €279.95
          CYBEX Gold
          Everything your child needs from the first trip home. With elegant design and tested safety elements, the Aton S2 i-Size infant car seat offers reliable protection and stylish comfort from the very beginning.
          • Regulation UN R129/03
          Melio Carbon 2023 Award
            The Melio Carbon is the ultimate city stroller making every trip lighter. State-of-the-art carbon fibers allow an ultra-light 5.9 kg weight. Now featuring a one-pull harness and newborn nest.
            Melio 2023 Award
              CYBEX Gold
              The Melio is our ultra-light stroller for the big city. Now featuring the one-pull harness for securing your child in seconds, and a newborn nest for comfort from birth.
                Orfeo 2023 Award
                • - 14%
                  CYBEX Gold
                  The Orfeo is the travel pushchair that goes big on comfort. Hand luggage compatible for easy travel from birth.
                  • Age 0 - approx. 4 yrs
                  • Weight 22 kg
                  • Hand Luggage Compatible
                  • Ergonomic Lie-flat and Integrated Leg rest
                  • One-pull Harness
                  • Travel System Ready
                  Was €349.95 , is €299.95
                    CYBEX Gold
                    The Aton M i-Size infant car seat fulfills the latest UN R129 standard and fits on the Base M for safe and easy installation.
                    • Regulation UN R129
                    Currently not available in your country
                    Eezy S+2 Award
                    • - 21%
                      CYBEX Gold
                      The new Eezy S+2 buggy has big wheels with all-wheel suspension for tackling uneven surfaces.
                      Was €379.95 , is €299.95
                        CYBEX Gold
                        The Eezy S Twist+2 buggy combines a 360˚ rotatable seat with all-terrain wheels for tackling uneven surfaces.
                        Currently not available in your country
                        Zeno One Box Award
                          CYBEX Gold
                          Keep it classy, keep it black with the Zeno One Box. You will receive the Zeno with the All Black seat pack and the black frame in one packaging.
                            Created as a 4-in1 Multisport trailer, you can run with your baby using "push-mode", or switch to "hands-free" and share even more outdoor adventures from cycling to cross-country ski.
                            Avi One Box Award