Melio to nasz ultralekki wózek do spacerów po ulicach wielkich miast. Teraz wyposażony jest w pasy bezpieczeństwa z systemem jednego pociągnięcia, które pozwalają zapewnić dziecku bezpieczeństwo w kilka sekund oraz kokon dla noworodka zapewniający komfort już od urodzenia.
  • Wiek Od 0 do ok. 3 lat
  • Waga 15 kg
Comfort: Ocean Blue
Dostępne mniej niż 5 sztuk
zł 2.399,00
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Wymiary – po rozłożeniu

820 - 910 mm
490 mm
965 - 1070 mm
6.1 kg
Wymiary – po rozłożeniu

Wymiary – po złożeniu

590 mm
490 mm
290 mm
6.1 kg
Wymiary – po złożeniu

What is included?

Co wchodzi w skład zestawu?

  • Rama Melio z kołami
  • Siedzisko (kosz na zakupy i elementy miękkie)
  • Koszyk na zakupy
  • Pałąk
  • Budka przeciwsłoneczna
  • Kokon dla noworodka
  • Przewodnik użytkownika


What improvements are included in the latest version of this stroller?

<p>The new 2024 collection of this stroller features several new colorways and design updates. The newborn nest has a new memory foam cushion which has a special shock-absorbing foam that absorbs shocks and vibrations from around your child’s head. Check out the product page on our website for further details.</p>

How lightweight is this stroller?

The Melio is only 6.1 kg, even though it has all the features and comfort of a luxury stroller. This makes it easy to handle and easy to pick up and carry.

Where can I get spare parts for my product?

Spare parts are available from selected retailers. To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website.

What accessories can I use with this stroller?

<p>The following accessories can be used with the Melio/Melio Carbon: Melio Cot, Melio Cot Rain Cover, Melio Seat Unit, Rain Cover, Car Seat Adapters, Footmuff, Snøgga 2 compact footmuff, Summer Seat Liner, Cup Holder.</p>


Can I carry my newborn baby in this stroller?

<p>Yes, the stroller can be reclined to an ergonomic lie-flat position, which allows newborn babies to lie down comfortably. For extra comfort our Newborn Nest is available and can be easily installed. Or you can attach a cot to carry your newborn baby for their first six months.</p>

Can I use this stroller as a travel system?

<p>Yes, this stroller is travel system ready. You can attach a cot, an infant car seat or a seat unit to the stroller frame.</p>


Is this stroller suitable for hot weather?

This stroller has a Supreme XXL sun canopy with UPF50+ protection, and a mesh backrest and canopy window providing ventilation. For extra comfort our Summer Seat Liner is available: it can be easily installed in all CYBEX strollers.

What is a one-pull harness?

<p>This is a brand new feature for CYBEX strollers. Rather than tightening the harness straps individually, which can be time consuming, the one-pull harness can be tightened simply by pulling a strap at the base of the seat with one hand. This makes getting your child onboard quick and easy, and also helps you find the perfect form-hugging fit for your child’s comfort and safety.</p>