Rama Priam

Rama Priam to podstawowy element wózka Priam. Jest dostępna w czterech eleganckich kolorach. Na ramie można zamocować jeden z trzech różnych elementów opcjonalnych, w zależności od wieku dziecka: Gondolę Priam Lux, fotelik samochodowy dla niemowląt Cloud T i-Size lub siedzisko Priam. Wszystkie poszczególne produkty należy zakupić oddzielnie w celu dostosowania ramy Priam do swoich potrzeb.
  • Wiek Od 0 do ok. 4 lat
  • Waga 22 kg
Kolor: Rosegold

Ponowne obejrzenie show

Obejrzyj program Priam vs. Mios na CYBEX Live na żądanie, aby uzyskać jeszcze bardziej szczegółowe spojrzenie. Oglądaj teraz
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  • 3D/AR

Priam z bliska

Odkryj, jak Priam pasuje do Twojego stylu życia. Dzięki naszej funkcji rozszerzonej rzeczywistości możesz użyć telefonu, aby zobaczyć Priam w otoczeniu własnego domu – wystarczająco blisko, aby go dotknąć.

CYBEX Priam in  complete-set

Uzupełnienie zestawu

Dobierz zestaw Priam do swojego wyjątkowego stylu życia spośród szerokiej gamy kolorów, stylów i dodatków do wyboru.

  • CYBEX Rama Priam in  large
  • CYBEX Gondola Priam Lux in  large
  • CYBEX Siedzisko Priam / e-Priam in  large
  • CYBEX Cloud T i-Size in  large
  • CYBEX Base T in  large
Configure your Priam


Wymiary – po rozłożeniu

830 - 920 mm
600 mm
990 - 1090 mm
12.9 kg
Wymiary – po rozłożeniu

Wymiary – po złożeniu

315 mm
515 mm
850 mm
12.9 kg
Wymiary – po złożeniu

What is included?


  • Rama Priam wraz z kołami
  • Siedzisko (kosz na zakupy)
  • Kosz na zakupy
  • Pałąk
  • Osłona przeciwdeszczowa
  • Adapter do fotelika dla niemowląt
  • Przewodnik użytkownika

Before purchase

I would like to order this stroller. What will I receive with my delivery?

To offer our customers maximum choice when purchasing a PRIAM, the frame (including the seat unit) and seat fabrics are ordered separately in the colors of your choice. The frame colors comes in Rosegold, Black, Chrome with Black Details or Chrome with Brown Details. The PRIAM seat packs have a wide range of color and fabric choices available, as well as our unique Fashion Collections or Design Collaborations. If desired, you can also choose a PRIAM LUX Carry Cot: suitable for babies from birth until they weigh 9 kg (approximately 6 months old). This includes the Cot frame, interior and exterior fabrics, a soft foam mattress and a rain cover.


What is the difference between the PRIAM and MIOS strollers?

Both Platinum strollers are premium products with a full range of features making daily travel with a child a pleasure from day one. These include the one-pull harness, all-wheel suspension, interchangeable seat packs and easy one-hand folding and reclining mechanisms. Both strollers are travel system-ready, and reversible seat units also allow parent-facing bonding or forward-facing exploration. The PRIAM is our ultimate stroller with a full range of features including larger rear wheels, an extra-large shopping basket and a luxriously comfortable cot for newborns. It’s our premier stroller for all the challenges of family life.

What accessories can I use with this stroller?

The following accessories are available: A Cup Holder to carry your drinks on the go. The 2-in-1 Cup Holder also provides a handy place to put your smartphone. A Summer Seat Liner to help keep baby cool and dry in hot weather, while the Sun Sail provides shade and shelter. A Front Wheel Set Rough Terrain for all-terrain strolling. Insect Nets for both the stroller seat and the LUX Carry Cot. A Kid Board allowing big sisters or brothers to ride along. Skis for wintertime adventures. A Snack Tray for quick meals in the stroller. A Parasol that clips to the stroller frame or a Sun Sail to shade against sunlight. The Platinum Footmuff and Platinum Winter Footmuff for cold weather protection. The Platinum Changing Bags: Choose a stylish Tote Bag or a larger Shopper Bag.

Why are there separate seat packs?

The fabric components of the stroller seat can be changed, giving you the freedom to change its look whenever you feel like it. There are a wide choice of stylish colors and fabric options, as well as a stunning range of Fashion Collections and Design Collaborations to choose from.

What improvements are included in the latest version of this stroller?

The latest version of this stroller features several new colorways and new premium details. Check out the product page on our website for further details.

Will my child be comfortable riding in this stroller?

The PRIAM delivers an excellent level of comfort. Soft all-wheel suspension and large wheels keep the ride smooth and cushioned, while an XXL sun canopy protects against the weather outdoors. And with the one-pull harness you can be sure the harness straps fit your child's body to perfection.


Can I carry my newborn baby in this stroller?

The stroller seat can be easily reclined to an ergonomic lie-flat position, so you can safely carry your newborn. As the stroller is travel system ready, you can also attach a LUX Carry Cot or infant car seat to the stroller frame – both of which are suitable options for carrying a newborn baby.


What is a one-pull harness?

This is a brand new feature for CYBEX strollers. Rather than tightening the harness straps individually, which can be time consuming, the one-pull harness can be tightened simply by pulling a strap at the base of the seat with one hand. This makes getting your child onboard quick and easy, and also helps you find the perfect form-hugging fit for your child’s comfort and safety.