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  • Configure your Priam
    CYBEX Platinum

    Configure your Priam

    The ultimate luxury stroller for parents who expect only the best. The Priam sets new standards for quality, maneuverability, and pure luxurious comfort. Simply a design icon.
    from €1.249,90
    • Configure your e-Priam
      Enjoy a new level of ease with this revolutionary e-stroller. Climb hills effortlessly. Cruise over rough ground. And soothe your baby with an app-controlled rocking function. Go further, with the e-Priam.
      from €1.649,90
      • Configure your Mios
        CYBEX Platinum

        Configure your Mios

        Designed to make an impression, the Mios is our supreme compact city stroller. Make the most of the metropolis with this stroller’s slender silhouette and surprising selection of features.
        from €889,90
        • Configure your Zeno
        • 4-in-1 Multisport
          Take advantage of the Zeno’s multisport possibilities from the start. Get a Zeno frame, Seat Pack, Hands-free Running Kit and Cycling Kit in a single Multisport Set. Jogging, running or riding with your little one is only a step away.
          from €509,90
          • Configure your Avi
          • Jogger
            Use your AVI as a Travel System from day one. Attach an infant car seat and continue your journey outside the car. Walk with your child until they’re old enough to take with you on your run.
            from €549,85
              CYBEX Silver

              Solution X i-Fix

              The CYBEX Solution X i-Fix meets the latest UN R129 regulations. It's one of our original car seats, proving we've been top quality since day one.
                CYBEX Silver

                Solution X-Fix

                The CYBEX Solution X-Fix car seat was named test winner Gr. 2/3 by leading German independent consumer testing oganisation, Stiftung Warentest (06/2009) and has received numerous awards from the most renowned European consumer testing institutions.
                  CYBEX Silver


                  The car seat Pallas-Fix was awarded top results as part of the European consumer safety tests conducted by German Automobile Association, ADAC and independent testing institute, Stiftung Warentest (11/2011).
                    CYBEX Silver

                    Pallas M-Fix

                    The 2-in-1 seat was test winner in Group 1/2/3 in the test 06/2015 conducted by German Stiftung Warentest and received a number of awards from the most renowned European consumer testing institutions. The Pallas M-Fix grows with the child and therefo ...
                      CYBEX Silver

                      Aton B2 i-Size

                      The new and award-winning Aton B2 i-Size infant car seat (06/2022 ADAC, infant 45-87 cm): With Linear Side-impact Protection, newborn inlay and height-adjustable headrest, it helps you get your baby safely from A to B.
                        CYBEX Silver

                        Solution M-Fix

                        The Solution M-Fix was test winner in Group 2/3 in the test 06/2015 conducted by German Stiftung Warentest (on par with another brand's seat). A member of the successful Solution series stands out through its range of innovative safety and comfort fu ...
                          CYBEX Silver

                          Pallas 2-Fix

                          As a 2-in-1 car seat Pallas 2-Fix can be used for more than 11 years. According to Stiftung Warentest and ADAC it is one of the best car seats that grow with the child in Group 1/2/3. WHICH? rated its safety performance in accidents as excellent thro ...
                            CYBEX Silver

                            Pallas M-Fix SL

                            Featuring Linear Side-impact Protection, the Pallas M-Fix SL has an impact shield which can be removed to convert the car seat into a high-back booster.
                              CYBEX Silver

                              Solution X2-Fix

                              Thanks to its many innovative safety features the child seat Solution X2-Fix received top results at the European child safety test in Group 2/3 (6/2011). Due to an optimized side-impact protection it also achieved outstanding test scores in side-imp ...
                                CYBEX Silver

                                Solution M-Fix SL

                                The Solution M-Fix SL high-back booster car seat has Linear Side-impact Protection and grows with your child thanks to a 12-position adjustable headrest.
                                  CYBEX Silver


                                  As a Group 1 car seat with impact shield the CYBEX Pallas was awarded a "very good" from German For children aged approx. 3 and above the car seat is simply converted into a Group 2/3 seat.
                                    CYBEX Silver


                                    Offering superior safety, design and functionality, the ultra light and surprisingly spacious infant car seat CYBEX Aton is perfect for parents on the go. Stiftung Warentest test winner in Group 0+(06/2009) and awarded a Which? ‘best buy’
                                      CYBEX Silver

                                      Pallas B2-Fix

                                      Choose the CYBEX Pallas B2-Fix car seat to keep your kid snug and secure at every step of their childhood.
                                        CYBEX Silver

                                        Solution X

                                        The car seat Solution X was awarded top marks from leading European consumer organisations such as Germany’s leading independent consumer organization Stiftung Warentest, ADAC and
                                          CYBEX Silver

                                          Pallas B-Fix

                                          Pallas B-Fix has a clean design, is extremely lightweight and is equipped with key features like L.S.P., latch connections and a height-adjustable headrest.
                                            CYBEX Silver

                                            Aton B i-Size

                                            The Aton B i-Size delivers effective travelling safety for your baby from birth up until 24 months.
                                              CYBEX Silver

                                              Solution B i-Fix

                                              Choose the CYBEX Solution B i-Fix high-back booster car seat for a great combination of safety, comfort and ease of use, tested according to the UN R129/03 standard.
                                                CYBEX Silver

                                                Solution B-Fix

                                                Solution B-Fix is minimalistic, extremely lightweight and equipped with key features like L.S.P., latch connections and a height-adjustable headrest.
                                                  CYBEX Silver

                                                  Solution B3 i-Fix

                                                  Safety, ease of use and comfort. With the Solution B3 i-Fix high-back booster car seat you’ve got everything covered. Safety, with Linear Side-impact Protection Plus and strict testing under the latest UN R129/03 standard.
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