Gold åkpåse

Håll din småtting varm och gosig när temperaturen faller med den mysiga Gold-åkpåsen. Det perfekta tillbehöret för din Cybex Gold-barnvagn skyddar mot kallt väder, vind och lätt regn.
Comfort: Navy Blue

Den här produkten är inte tillgänglig längre

Men vi har en ny version som väntar på dig


How do I clean this CYBEX footmuff?

This footmuff is washable at 30 degrees. Please use a gentle wash cycle, do not bleach, and do not tumble dry. (excl. Fashion Collections & Collaborations, wipe-clean only)

What does TOG 5 mean?

TOG 5 is the insulation classification of this footmuff. This means that the footmuff, together with the right clothing, will keep your child warm in temperatures as low as -10°C. Always keep an eye on your child when you are outdoors and act immediately if they become uncomfortable.

With which CYBEX products is this footmuff compatible?

This footmuff is designed for a universal fit for strollers, therefore it is compatible with all strollers.