Silla de paseo de viaje ultracompacta y lujosa desde la salida hasta el destino. El modelo Coya se pliega en cuestión de segundos hasta alcanzar un tamaño compatible con el equipaje de mano para permitirte viajar sin esfuerzo.
  • Edad 0 - approx. 4 yrs
  • Peso max 22 kg
Rosegold Frame:
Matt Black Frame: Cozy Beige (Matt Black Frame)
Chrome Frame:
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Dimensiones: desplegado

790 mm
440 mm
1050 mm
6.6 kg
Dimensiones: desplegado

Dimensiones: plegado (más compacto)

180 mm
440 mm
520 mm
6.6 kg
Dimensiones: plegado (más compacto)

What is included?

¿Qué incluye?

  • Chasis Coya incluidas ruedas
  • Unidad de asiento (componentes duros y componentes blandos)
  • Cesta portaobjetos
  • Capota solar
  • Correa de transporte
  • Manual de usuario


How small does the COYA buggy fold?

The COYA has a folded size of 52 x 44 x 18 cm. This makes it easy to store at home, in the trunk of a car or in overhead compartments. The one-hand folding and unfolding mechanism can be easily operated within seconds.


Can I use this buggy as a travel system?

Yes, this buggy is travel system ready. Simply attach any of our award-winning infant car seats for extra travelling flexibility.

How can COYA be carried when it is folded?

The one-hand fold mechanism lets you fold the COYA in seconds. Please make sure to lock the frame with the integrated fold lock, to have the buggy as compact as possible. COYA's integrated carry strap makes it easy to carry the ultra-compact buggy comfortably. For the most comfortable carrying mode, just carry the buggy with the wheels outward facing. When you unfold the buggy again, the carrying strap automatically retracts into the basket.


What is a one-pull harness?

This is a brand new feature for CYBEX strollers. Rather than tightening the harness straps individually, which can be time consuming, the one-pull harness can be tightened simply by pulling a strap at the base of the seat with one hand. This makes getting your child onboard quick and easy, and also helps you find the perfect form-hugging fit for your child’s comfort and safety.

Can COYA be taken on board of a plane?

COYA is specifically designed for traveling families. The folded dimensions of the buggy are 52 x 44 x 18 cm, which make COYA hand luggage compatible. However, depending on the airline, cabin luggage standards can be different. We therefore recommend checking with your airline of choice in advance of your trip, to make sure the COYA is compatible with their respective cabin luggage allowance.