Cot S Lux

Fija la Cot S Lux al cochecito Balios S Lux o Talos S Lux para disfrutar de un viaje cómodo, agradable y ergonómico durante los primeros seis meses de tu peque.
  • Edad 0 a aprox. 6 meses
  • Peso max 9 kg
Comfort: Ocean Blue
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249,95 €
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CYBEX Balios S Lux Travel Set in  large

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  • CYBEX Balios S Lux in  large
  • CYBEX Cot S Lux in  large
  • CYBEX Cloud G i-Size in  large
  • CYBEX Base G in  large
  • CYBEX Adaptador para portabebés Línea Balios S/Talos S in  large
Balios S Lux Travel Set



845 mm
410 mm
315 mm
4.6 kg

Dimensiones: plegado (más compacto)

843 mm
410 mm
180 mm
4.6 kg

What is included?

¿Qué incluye?

  • Cot S Lux
  • Manual de usuario


How long can my child use this Cot?

The Cot can be used from birth up to 9 kg (approx. 6 months).

Which CYBEX strollers are compatible with this Cot?

This Cot can be attached to the 2022 generation of Talos S Lux and Balios S Lux.

Can I wash the Cot's fabrics and the mattress?

The boot cover, the mattress cover, canopy fabrics and inner lining can be removed for washing. Wash them accordingly to the instructions on the washing label.

Do I need extra components to attach the Cot to a stroller?

No additional components are required to attach this cot to a stroller.

What is the difference between the Cot S and the Cot S Lux?

The Cot S is designed for our Gold Line Buggies, but can also be attached to the 2020 generation of Balios S Lux and Talos S Lux. The Cot S Lux can be attached to the new generation of Balios S Lux and Talos S Lux. It features a mesh window and an inner pocket, as well as matching colorways.

Which accessories are available for this Cot?

A rain cover is available for protection from wet weather.