Priam / e-Priam 4 Seat Pack

Attach the luxuriously comfortable seat pack fabrics to your existing Priam or e-Priam frame to complete your ultimate stroller. Change your stroller’s look to suit your style, with a range of interchangeable colors and fashion collections to choose from.
  • Age 0 - approx. 4 yrs
  • Weight 22 kg
Color: Khaki Green
Product not available anymore


Dimensions - Unfolded

830 - 920 mm
600 mm
Height Handle
990 - 1090 mm
12.9 kg
Dimensions - Unfolded

Dimensions - Folded

315 mm
515 mm
850 mm
12.9 kg
Dimensions - Folded

What is included?

What's included?

  • New Generation Priam Seat Unit (Soft Goods)
  • User Guide

Before purchase

I want to buy a PRIAM. What do I need to get?

To offer our customers maximum choice when purchasing a PRIAM, there are four separate stages to the decision: • Choose a PRIAM Frame and Seat: The hard parts of the frame and seat unit. Frame colors include Black, Rosegold, Chrome with Black Details and Chrome with Brown Details. • Choose one or more PRIAM Seat Packs: The fabric parts of the seat, as well as the stroller canopy. There are a range of color and fabric choices available, as well as the option of choosing one of our Fashion Collections. • If desired, choose a PRIAM LUX Carry Cot: The LUX Carry Cot can be used to carry a baby from birth until they weigh 9 kg (approximately 6 months old). This includes the Cot frame, interior and exterior fabrics, a memory foam mattress and a Rain Cover. The exterior fabrics are as interchangeable and can be replaced with a Cot Pack. • If desired, choose a PRIAM Cot Pack: If you’d like an additional look for your LUX Carry Cot, you can purchase an extra Cot Pack. Available for our Fashion Collections and Collaborations.


What is the difference between the PRIAM and MIOS strollers?

Both Platinum strollers are premium products with stunning designs and a full range of features making daily travel with a child a pleasure from day one. These include one-pull harnesses, interchangeable Seat Packs and Cot Packs, 4-in-1 travel system capability and easy one-hand folding and reclining mechanisms. The PRIAM is our ultimate stroller with a full range of features including larger rear wheels, an extra-large shopping basket and a seat high enough for the child to eat at table height. It’s our premier stroller for all the challenges of family life.

What is the maximum child age and weight the stroller and cot can carry?

The PRIAM Stroller with seat can carry children from birth up until they are 22 kg (approximately 4 years old). The PRIAM LUX Carry Cot can carry children from birth up until they are 9 kg (approximately 6 months old).

How small does the PRIAM stroller fold?

The PRIAM has a folded size of L 315 mm x W 515 mm x H 850 mm. This makes it easy to store at home or in the trunk of a car. The folding mechanism can be easily operated with just one hand.

What accessories can I get for my PRIAM stroller?

The following accessories are available: • A Cup Holder to carry your drinks on the go. The 2-in-1 Cup Holder also provides a handy place to put your smartphone. • A Front Wheel Set Rough Terrain for all-terrain strolling. • Insect Nets for both the stroller seat and the LUX Carry Cot. • A Kid Board allowing big sisters or brothers to ride along. • Skis for wintertime adventures. • A Snack Tray for quick meals in the stroller. • A Parasol that clips to the stroller frame to shade against sunlight. • The Platinum Footmuff and the Platinum Winter Footmuff for cold weather protection. • The Platinum Changing Bags: Choose a stylish Tote Bag or a larger Shopper Bag.

Why is the new PRIAM LUX Carry Cot position higher?

We increased the height of the LUX Carry Cot by 12 cm so that the baby is closer to the parent. This helps with parent-child bonding, as the parent can easily check in on their child and interact with them. It is also more reassuring for both baby and parent to be closer together and within easy sight of each other.


Can I use the PRIAM stroller from birth?

The PRIAM stroller seat can be easily reclined to an ergonomic lie-flat position, so you can safely carry your newborn. You can also combine the stroller seat with a LITE cot for extra comfort and weather protection. The PRIAM 4-in-1 Travel System also allows you to attach a LUX Carry Cot or infant car seat to the stroller frame – both of which are suitable options for carrying a newborn baby.

Why are there separate PRIAM Seat Packs and Cot Packs?

The fabric components of the PRIAM seat and LUX Cot can be changed, giving you the freedom to change your PRIAM’s look whenever you feel like it. For the Seat Packs there are a range of stylish colors and fabric options. There are also a stunning range of fashion collections to choose from. Additional Cot Packs are also available for fashion collections and special collaborations only.


What is the benefit of the PRIAM stroller’s one-pull harness?

Conventional harness systems usually require the parent to complete several steps to properly secure their child. First the child has to be placed in the seat and the clips fastened. Then the harness straps have to be individually adjusted to make sure they fit the child properly. Oftentimes this process is complicated by an uncooperative child who wants to wriggle out of the restraints – adding wasted time and stress to the daily task of getting ready to go outside. The one-pull harness solves this problem by allowing parents to secure their children quickly and easily. Simply place your child in the seat, fasten the clips and close the buckle, pull the harness to fit and you’re good to go. Securing the harness and adjusting to fit are combined in a single step that can be done with one hand. Also, your child will always have a properly fitting harness, no matter how fast they grow. One less thing to worry about so you can start your stroll quicker and more relaxed.

What does the PRIAM stroller travel system let me do?

The PRIAM stroller seat unit can be removed, allowing you to attach a PRIAM LUX Carry Cot or an infant car seat to the stroller frame. Alternatively you can attach a Platinum LITE Cot to the reclined stroller seat unit to provide additional comfort and support. This means the PRIAM has four different travelling options: • Stroller with seat unit • Stroller with reclined seat unit and Platinum LITE Cot attached • Stroller with PRIAM LUX Carry Cot • Stroller with infant car seat

What are the advantages of the PRIAM stroller reversible seat unit?

The PRIAM stroller reversible seat unit lets you change your stroller set-up to suit the developmental needs of your child. Younger children can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the outside world, and often prefer to face their parent for reassurance and support. The parentfacing position also provides opportunities for parent-child bonding. When the child gets older they will often become more curious about their environment. The front-facing position is great for these children as they can look ahead at the outside world and get more sensory experience. Sometimes a child will want to face different directions depending on their mood. They may become overloaded with sensory input in the front-facing position, and will want to calm down under the reassuring gaze of the parent. This is where the PRIAM reversible seat unit comes in especially handy, as the seating direction can be quickly changed while the child stays in their seat. Parents can react to the changing needs of their child with a minimum of fuss.

Is the PRIAM stroller compatible with a car seat?

Yes, you can attach any CYBEX or gb infant car seat to the PRIAM stroller frame. This is easily done with the help of adapters, which are included with the PRIAM frame. Switching from a car journey to a stroll around town is fast and seamless, while your child stays happy and relaxed.