Lemo 3-i-1

Från 6 månader till 99 år: Den tidlösa möbellösningen för barnmatstolar, Nya Lemo 3-i-1-set, är det perfekta valet, eftersom det ger stöd när din bebis kan sitta.
Beech Wood: Stone Blue
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kr 3.399,00
inkl. VAT, produkten kvalificerar sig för kostnadsfri frakt
inkl. VAT, produkten kvalificerar sig för kostnadsfri frakt


Frihet pånyttfödd
Frihet pånyttfödd
Tack vare att den är designad för att passa en modern livsstil, kan föräldrar äntligen ha sin nyfödda nära och samtidigt ha händerna fria.
Enkel justering
Enkel justering
Inga verktyg behövs och bara en hand räcker för att göra stoljusteringar i höjd och djup för att justera stolens höjd och djup.
Från födseln till 99 år
Från födseln till 99 år
Lemo är en tidlös möbel för åldrar upp till 99 år, med babysitter och babysetet som ger stöd när det behövs.


560 mm
545 mm
815 mm
7.7 kg

What is included?

Vad är inkluderat?

  • Lemo Chair
  • Lemo Baby Set
  • Lemo Bricka
  • Bruksanvisning


Before purchase

I would like to order the Lemo Chair. What will I receive with the delivery?

The Lemo Chair is available individually, or in two different bundle options: As a 4-in-1 set or a 3-in-1 set. The Lemo 3-in-1 set includes the Lemo Baby Set and the Lemo Tray. The Lemo 4-in-1 set includes all of the above, as well as the Lemo Bouncer Nest, the Newborn Inlay, the Head Hugger, and the Lemo Adapter Set.


What Lemo Chair configurations are available, and what ages are they suitable for?

The Lemo Chair can be connected to the Lemo Bouncer, allowing it to be used from birth up until the child is six months old. Children up to three years old can then sit in the Lemo Chair using the Lemo Baby Set. Later on the Baby Set can be removed to allow anyone from approximately three to 99 to sit in the chair. The chair can be adapted to fit a variety of ages by adjusting the seat board and footrest, or by removing the footrest.

What is the size/weight of the Lemo Chair?

The Lemo Chair is 560 mm long, 545 mm wide and 815 mm high. It weighs 7.7 kg.

What accessories are available for the Lemo Chair?

CYBEX provides the following accessories: the Lemo Bouncer Stand, Lemo Comfort Inlay, Lemo Harness, and the Lemo Adapter Set. Most accessories are available in a choice of five colors: Stone Blue, Pearl Pink, Suede Grey, Stunning Black and Sand White. The Lemo Harness and Lemo Adapter Set are available in Light Grey only.

Do I need extra tools to adjust the height of the Lemo Chair?

The Lemo Chair seat board and footrest are both individually adjustable, with no extra tools required. Use the adjustment levers underneath the seat board and footrest to adjust them to the desired height. This feature means it can take seconds to find the perfect fit for your growing child, and also allows optimized, ergonomic seating for all ages.

How is the Lemo Chair assembled?

It just takes a few minutes to assemble the Lemo Chair. There are a total of six parts to the chair, which are very easy and intuitive to connect and set up. These parts are fastened together using a total of eight screws, which are tightened using the Allen key included with the product.

How sturdy is the chair? How can I be sure that it won’t tip over?

The Lemo Chair features silicone foot caps on the front legs, which stop it slipping and make the chair very stable. The back legs have castors, so if your child pushes away from the table the chair will roll back, rather than tip backwards. Both these features are designed to prevent the chair from tipping or falling down.

How do I clean the Lemo Chair?

Simply wipe the Lemo Chair clean a damp cloth. The Lemo Tray and Baby Set accessories can be cleaned separately in a dishwasher.

Where can I get replacement parts for my product?

You can order replacement parts from a specialist retailer near you. To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website: https://cybex-online.com/en-en/lemo-chair