Seat Pack Mios

Personnalisez facilement votre poussette en choisissant parmi les différents coloris et collections spéciales du Seat Pack Mios Nouvelle Génération. Les Seat Packs Mios Nouvelle Génération sont interchangeables et s’attachent facilement sur le châssis Mios Nouvelle Génération (vendu séparément) vous permettant de changer de style selon vos envies.
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TTC ce produit est admissible à la livraison gratuite
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Harnais à sangle d’ajustement
Harnais à sangle d’ajustement
Grâce à son harnais unique doté d’une sangle centrale d’ajustement, sécurisez votre enfant dans sa poussette en quelques secondes, et d’une seule main. L’installation et le réglage sont faciles et confortables pour votre enfant tout au long de sa croissance.
Travel System 4-en-1
Travel System 4-en-1
Un châssis, quatre configurations. Le châssis Mios est compatible avec le siège de la poussette, le siège auto pour bébé de votre choix, ou encore notre nacelle Lux. Vous pouvez aussi installer le Lite Cot sur le siège de la poussette, pour transporter bébé confortablement lorsque le siège est incliné en position allongée.
Légère et maniable
Légère et maniable
Idéale pour la ville, la Mios offre toute la fonctionnalité, le luxe et le confort qu’il vous faut, tout en étant incroyablement légère et maniable. Peu encombrante, avec ses 50 cm, elle se faufile aisément partout en ville.
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Personnalisez la Mios pour qu’elle s’adapte à votre style de vie urbain. Découvrez les différents coloris, styles et systèmes d’attache, le choix vous appartient.

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Dimensions déplié

840 - 920 mm
500 mm
965 -1085 mm
9.8 kg
Dimensions déplié

Dimensions pliée

300 mm
500 mm
650 mm
9.8 kg
Dimensions pliée

What is included?

Qu’est-ce qui est inclus ?

  • Unité de siège Mios Nouvelle Génération (textile)
  • Guide utilisateur

Before purchase

I want to buy a MIOS. What do I need to get?

To offer our customers maximum choice when purchasing a MIOS, there are four separate stages to the decision: • Choose a MIOS Frame and Seat: The hard parts of the frame and seat unit. Frame colors include Black, Rosegold, Chrome with Black Details and Chrome with Brown Details. • Choose one or more MIOS Seat Packs: The fabric parts of the seat, as well as the stroller canopy. There are a range of color and fabric choices available, as well as the option of choosing one of our Fashion Collections. • If desired, choose a MIOS LUX Carry Cot: The LUX Carry Cot can be used to carry a baby from birth until they weigh 9 kg (approximately 6 months old). This includes the Cot frame, interior and exterior fabrics, a memory foam mattress and a Rain Cover. The exterior fabrics are interchangeable and can be replaced with a Cot Pack. • If desired, choose a MIOS Cot Pack: If you’d like an additional look for your LUX Carry Cot, you can purchase an extra Cot Pack. Available for our Fashion Collections and Collaborations.


What is the difference between the PRIAM and MIOS strollers?

Both Platinum strollers are premium products with stunning designs and a full range of features making daily travel with a child a pleasure from day one. These include one-pull harnesses, interchangeable Seat Packs and Cot Packs, 4-in-1 travel system capability and easy one-hand folding and reclining mechanisms. The PRIAM is our ultimate stroller with a full range of features including larger rear wheels, an extra-large shopping basket and a seat high enough for the child to eat at table height. It’s our premier stroller for all the challenges of family life.

What are the advantages of the MIOS stroller’s breathable mesh?

On hot city days, the breathable mesh built into the MIOS’s backrest and legrest allow heat to escape and cooling breeze to circulate around your child.

How lightweight is the MIOS stroller?

The MIOS stroller weighs 9.8 kg (excluding the comfort inlay), making it an agile and portable choice for life in the city.

Why does the MIOS stroller have a small footprint?

The small footprint allows the MIOS to be maneuvered effortlessly through the city. With a narrow width of 50 cm it can fit through subway turnstiles, crowded streets and in cozy boutiques. Just one of the features making the MIOS an excellent companion for fast-paced city life.

What is the maximum child age and weight the stroller and cot can carry?

The MIOS Stroller with seat can carry children from birth up until they are 22 kg (approximately 4 years old). The MIOS LUX Carry Cot can carry children from birth up until they are 9 kg (approximately 6 months old).

How small does the MIOS stroller fold?

The MIOS has a folded size of L 300 mm x W 500 mm x H 650 mm. This makes it easy to store at home or on the go in car trunks, gym lockers or airplane luggage. The folding mechanism can be easily operated with just one hand.

What accessories can I get for my MIOS stroller?

The following accessories are available: • A Cup Holder to carry your drinks on the go. The 2-in-1 Cup Holder also provides a handy place to put your smartphone. • Insect Nets for both the stroller seat and the LUX Carry Cot. • A Snack Tray for quick meals in the stroller. • A Parasol that clips to the stroller frame to shade against sunlight. • The Platinum Footmuff and the Platinum Winter Footmuff for cold weather protection. • The Platinum Changing Bags: Choose a stylish Tote Bag or a larger Shopper Bag.


Can I use the MIOS stroller from birth?

The MIOS stroller seat can be easily reclined to an ergonomic lie-flat position, so you can safely carry your newborn. You can also combine the stroller seat with a Platinum LITE cot for extra comfort and weather protection. The MIOS 4-in-1 Travel System also allows you to attach a LUX Carry Cot or infant car seat to the stroller frame – both of which are suitable options for carrying a newborn baby.

Why are there separate MIOS Seat Packs and Cot Packs?

The fabric components of the MIOS seat and LUX Cot can be changed, giving you the freedom to change your MIOS’s look whenever you feel like it. For the Seat Packs there are a range of stylish colors and fabric options. There are also a stunning range of Fashion Collections to choose from. Additional Cot Packs are also available for Fashion Collections and Special Collaborations only.