e-Priam Frame

The e-Priam frame is where smart technology and timeless design meet. Combine it with a Priam Seat Pack, a Priam Lux Carry Cot or a CYBEX baby car seat to enjoy hill support and a rocking function (Individual products purchased separately).
  • Age 0 - approx. 4 yrs
  • Weight 22 kg
Colour: Matt Black
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Dimensions – Unfolded

840 - 935 mm
600 mm
1000 - 1090 mm
15.2 kg
Dimensions – Unfolded

Dimensions – Folded

310 mm
520 mm
880 mm
15.2 kg
Dimensions – Folded

What is included?

What is included?

  • e-Priam Frame including wheels
  • Seat Unit (Hard Parts)
  • Shopping Basket
  • Bumper Bar
  • Baby Car Seat Adapters
  • Rain Cover
  • Battery and Charger (UK)
  • User Guide

Before purchase

Where can I try out and / or buy the e-PRIAM?

The e-PRIAM is available at selected and specially trained retailers and in our e-Commerce store.

I would like to order this stroller. What will I receive with my delivery?

To offer our customers maximum choice when purchasing a PRIAM, the frame (including the seat unit) and seat fabrics are ordered separately in the colors of your choice. The frame colors comes in Rosegold, Black, Chrome with Black Details or Chrome with Brown Details. The PRIAM seat packs have a wide range of color and fabric choices available, as well as our unique Fashion Collections or Design Collaborations. If desired, you can also choose a PRIAM LUX Carry Cot: suitable for babies from birth until they weigh 9 kg (approximately 6 months old). This includes the Cot frame, interior and exterior fabrics, a soft foam mattress and a rain cover.


Is the e-PRIAM heavier than a regular PRIAM?

Yes, the e-PRIAM is 2.3 kg heavier than a regular PRIAM.

Is the Rocking Mode function safe for my child?

When it comes to the safety of our products, we maintain the highest standards with no compromise. Our customers trust us to provide safe products for their families, and we take this responsibility with the utmost seriousness. Like all our products, the e-PRIAM and the e-PRIAM app were thoroughly tested beyond European and international standards, to ensure they could be launched with the highest levels of quality and safety. The rocking movement is modelled on the way parents rock their children in strollers to calm them down or help them fall asleep. The Rocking Mode function has 3 intensity modes: low, medium and high. The lower intensity should be used from birth up to until the child is able to sit upright unassisted (approx. 6–9 months old). After this you can try the other intensity settings, however, please bear in mind that every child is unique and develops at a different rate. If you aren’t sure whether your child should be rocked in the e-PRIAM we recommend consulting a pediatrician beforehand. Always carefully follow the instructions given in the e-PRIAM App. Ensure the stroller brake and front swivel wheels are locked before starting the rocking function. Do not use the rocking function on slopes or uneven surfaces, or in the presence of obstacles, walls or stairs. Please monitor your child when using the rocking function and stop it immediately if you notice any discomfort. This function is suitable for children from birth up to approximately 4 years (22 kg). It is safe to use when the e-PRIAM is attached to an infant car seat (up to 13 kg), LUX Carry Cot (up to 9 kg), seat unit or LITE Cot. If the child is in an infant car seat, seat unit or LITE Cot, ensure the harness is closed according to the standard safety instructions.

What’s the difference between the different Support and Rocking Modes?

When you download the e-PRIAM app and connect it to your e-PRIAM via Bluetooth, you get a choice between two different Support Modes: Eco and Tour. Use Eco mode to save battery power on longer, gentle walks with no steep inclines or rough terrain. This keeps the electronic support at a low level, which helps reduce pushing effort. When you need to climb a steep hill, switching to Tour mode gives you extra power, making the climb feel effortless. It’s easy to switch between the two modes on the app. The Rocking Mode is suitable for children from birth up to approximately 4 years (22 kg). Once activated, the e-PRIAM moves back and forth, reflecting the way parents move strollers back and forth in real life to try to calm down their child or help them to fall asleep. The function has three modes, from low intensity up to high intensity. The lower intensity should be used from birth up to once the child is able to sit upright unassisted (approx. 6-9 months old). After this you can try the medium and high intensity rocking modes, however please bear in mind that every child is unique and develops at a different rate. If there is any uncertainty whether the rocking function is suitable for your child we recommend consulting a pediatrician beforehand.

What accessories can I use with this stroller?

The following accessories are available: A Cup Holder to carry your drinks on the go. The 2-in-1 Cup Holder also provides a handy place to put your smartphone. A Summer Seat Liner to help keep baby cool and dry in hot weather, while the Sun Sail provides shade and shelter. A Front Wheel Set Rough Terrain for all-terrain strolling. Insect Nets for both the stroller seat and the LUX Carry Cot. A Kid Board allowing big sisters or brothers to ride along. Skis for wintertime adventures. A Snack Tray for quick meals in the stroller. A Parasol that clips to the stroller frame or a Sun Sail to shade against sunlight. The Platinum Footmuff and Platinum Winter Footmuff for cold weather protection. The Platinum Changing Bags: Choose a stylish Tote Bag or a larger Shopper Bag.

Why are there separate seat packs?

The fabric components of the stroller seat can be changed, giving you the freedom to change its look whenever you feel like it. There are a wide choice of stylish colors and fabric options, as well as a stunning range of Fashion Collections and Design Collaborations to choose from.


Can I also use the e-PRIAM without assistance from the electronic functions?

Yes, if you do not switch on the power button the e-PRIAM can still be pushed around like a regular PRIAM.

How can I access the Rocking Mode function?

The rocking function can be accessed via our free e-PRIAM app. Download the app, connect it to your e-PRIAM via Bluetooth, and then you can have the e-PRIAM rock back and forth whenever you like. You can also use the app to set the intensity level, and the length of time that you’d like the rocking to continue.

How does the e-PRIAM connect to the e-PRIAM app?

The e-PRIAM connects to the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. To allow Android smartphones to connect, enable the location services to connect via Bluetooth. One e-PRIAM can connect to several different smartphones that have the app installed. However, when there is an active connection between an e-PRIAM app and an e-PRIAM, it isn’t possible for another phone to connect to the stroller. Bear in mind that it’s possible for another phone to connect to your e-PRIAM during the connection process. To prevent this happening, make sure you are close to your e-PRIAM when connecting the app.

What happens if either my phone battery or my e-PRIAM battery runs out while I’m using the Rocking Mode function?

Before you start the Rocking Mode you can check a box to confirm if you want the rocking to continue if the Bluetooth connection is interrupted. This is included as a safety feature. If you check the box and your phone battery runs out, the Rocking Mode function will complete the rocking cycle. If you want to stop the rocking function before the end of the cycle simply switch off the e-PRIAM. Otherwise the rocking cycle will stop as soon as the Bluetooth connection between your smartphone and your e-PRIAM is interrupted. Never leave the child unattended when the Rocking Mode function is in operation. If your e-PRIAM battery runs out while you’re using the Rocking Mode function the rocking will stop immediately, as there will be no power to operate the electric motors.


How does the uneven surface support work?

The uneven surface support works in a similar way to the uphill support. If you push the e-PRIAM across a rough surface like a sandy beach or cobblestones, there will be more resistance and you will have to push harder. The handlebar sensors will detect this resistance and send a signal to the electric motors to give more support. The effect is instantaneous, making it easier to push the stroller across the uneven terrain, and gives a smoother driving experience overall.

How do I charge the battery and how often does it need recharging?

A charging cable is provided in the product package. You have a choice between directly attaching the cable to the stroller, or detaching the battery from the rear axle for charging. Never leave the e-PRIAM unattended while charging the battery. The battery must be charged until a green light shows on the charger. Charging time is around 3.5 hours, although when you charge the e-PRIAM for the first time this can take up to 6 hours depending on the battery status when you unpack the product. The battery run time depends on external conditions such as surface characteristics, temperature and incline, as well as the load, for example the weight of the child and items in the basket. In fair conditions (flat terrain with short hills and a few uneven surfaces, an outside temperature of approximately 20˚C, a load of 9–10 kg) the battery will last for approximately 45 km. In difficult conditions (outdoor terrain with short hills and many uneven surfaces, an outside temperature of approximately 10–20˚C, a load of 15 kg) the battery will last for approximately 20 km. In extreme conditions (rugged terrain with very long and steep hills and mostly uneven surfaces, an outside temperature below 10˚C, a load of 25 kg) the battery will last for approximately 8 km. The values mentioned above are estimates. The real values might differ or vary according to usage, external influences and the condition of the battery. Additionally, the capacity of the e-PRIAM’s lithium-ion battery decreases with age and usage. This might have an impact on battery run time. The values mentioned do not assume any liability.

What level of performance will I get from the electronic functions?

The smart hill support can help you climb a slope of up to approximately 25% (or approximately 14°). This is similar to the incline of Lombard Street in San Francisco. Up to this point it will take little effort to push the e-PRIAM up the incline. The electric motors will keep providing support until the e-PRIAM reaches a speed of 6 km/h. If the stroller moves faster than this then the support will stop. This is for safety and regulatory reasons.

What is the e-PRIAM app and what functions are available?

The e-PRIAM app is an easy-to-use app unlocking additional benefits for the e-PRIAM: Rocking Mode: This rocks the e-PRIAM back and forth, calming your child down and gently soothing them to sleep. Support Mode: Adding comfort and control to your stroll: Switch from Eco Mode for longer gentle strolls to Tour Mode for steep climbs that need more power. Battery and Firmware Status: Check battery life and firmware updates for reliable performance. The app is available for most commonly used smartphones: simply download it on the iOS or Android app store.

What is the Rocking Mode function?

The Rocking Mode is a world-first feature helping you to calm your baby down and get them to sleep, without even having to touch the stroller. At the touch of a button on the app screen the e-PRIAM will move back and forth, modelling the gentle rocking motion every parent knows by heart. Three intensity settings are available so you can find the perfect rhythm for your child. And you can program a time duration as well, so you can handle your daily tasks or simply take a well-earned break while your child is gently rocked to sleep. However, please never leave your child unattended while using the rocking function.

What is a one-pull harness?

This is a brand new feature for CYBEX strollers. Rather than tightening the harness straps individually, which can be time consuming, the one-pull harness can be tightened simply by pulling a strap at the base of the seat with one hand. This makes getting your child onboard quick and easy, and also helps you find the perfect form-hugging fit for your child’s comfort and safety.