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CYBEX Online Gift Cards

CYBEX Online Gift Cards

Share the love. CYBEX online gift cards are perfect presents for every baby shower, family celebration, or simply to treat someone special.

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Gift Cards are sent by E-Mail for fast, easy delivery.
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Buying your Gift Card

How do I purchase a gift card?

Simply choose a gift card design, write a personal message and enter a value over €25 (cent values are not valid). Please note that no other products can be included in the same order, and that payment by invoice, prepayment, CYBEX CLUB membership points or with other gift cards is not possible.

After purchase, an order confirmation will be sent to the purchaser. Then we will email the gift card either to you or to the person receiving the gift. Gift card activation may take up to 24 hours.

How do I receive a gift card?

After a gift card has been ordered, we will send the card via email to the email address provided. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder.

You can print any number of copies of your gift card. However, the gift card code can only be used until the amount is fully used up and up until its expiration date (stated on the gift card).

Can I purchase a gift card using CYBEX Club membership points?

Gift Cards cannot be purchased with CYBEX Club Membership points. Also, CYBEX Club Membership points cannot be earned through the purchase of a gift card. However, CYBEX Club Membership points can be earned when a purchase is made using a gift card.

In addition to this, it is not possible to make a purchase using both CYBEX Club membership points and a gift card.

Can I return or cancel my online gift card?

According to the legal right of revocation, you have the right to cancel your gift card order within 14 days without giving a reason if the gift card has not been used. The cancellation period begins upon receipt of the gift card.

Redeem your Gift Card

Where can I redeem the online gift card?

The CYBEX online gift card is only valid online in the German and Austrian CYBEX Online Shops.

CYBEX online gift cards cannot be used in other countries or in retail stores where CYBEX products are available. This includes CYBEX Flagship Stores, outlets or online stores operated by our retail partners.

How do I redeem the gift card?

Choose gift card as the payment method when placing your order. You will then be prompted to enter the gift card code. You may redeem more than one CYBEX gift card in the same order. Gift cards purchased online may only be used for items in the CYBEX Online Shop (excluding other gift cards).

Should the overall amount of your order exceed the value of your gift card, you can settle the remainder with another payment method. If the value of the gift card exceeds the total order amount of your shopping cart, the remaining balance remains on your gift card.

Can I use the remaining balance at a later point?

The gift card balance may be redeemed at any time before the expiration date stated on the card.

What happens to my gift card if I return all or part of my online order or it is canceled?

If you cancel or return an order that you paid for with the gift card, you will receive a new gift card with the corresponding credit by email.

If you have used another payment method in addition to the gift card, the amount you paid with this payment method will also be credited back to you in the same way.

Which limitations and conditions apply to gift cards?

There are some limitations applying to the use of gift cards. Gift cards may only be redeemed online via a website link and cannot be redeemed in CYBEX Flagship Stores, or with CYBEX retailers.

CYBEX gift cards are valid for three years, from the end of the year in which the gift card was purchased (“expiry date”). Any residual balance will remain credited to your gift card code until the expiry date, which is stated in the gift card email. After the expiry date, the balance can no longer be redeemed.

Gift cards can be redeemed when ordering products (applied at payment method). Should the value of the gift card not be sufficient for your purchase, you can settle the balance by means of another payment method accepted by CYBEX or by entering another gift card on the same page.

It is possible to use more than one gift card for your order. Gift cards can be combined with special campaign vouchers.

To check your balance, please visit our website.

Other questions

You can find our terms and conditions applying to gift cards here.

Gift Card Troubleshooting

What can I do if my code is not recognized?

Occasionally you may get an error message when trying to use a code. There could be a number of different reasons for this. If the code has expired, you can no longer use it. If it isn't recognized, you can try the steps below to troubleshoot.

First, you should make sure you are using the code correctly. Read the terms of use at the bottom of the email. The gift card may be a retail gift card that cannot be redeemed in the Online Shop.

Make sure you entered it correctly. With manual input, various errors can easily creep in. Common mistakes include extra spaces, incorrect character order and typos. Also, pay attention to lowercase/uppercase letters. Finally, make sure you don’t confuse the numbers 0/1 with the letters O/I or vice versa.

If you're sure your gift card code is valid but it still doesn't work, get in touch with us here.

What can I do if I lose my gift card, or it is stolen?

We recommend guarding your gift card as carefully as you do your cash. CYBEX accepts no liability for gift cards that are lost, stolen or otherwise misused. See our gift card terms and conditions for more information.

What can I do if the gift card I ordered hasn't arrived?

The gift card code will be sent to the email address specified as "Recipient". If this confirmation has not been received within 24 hours, please contact customer service.