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CYBEX Platinum Strollers Eames Story

The Eames Spirit

The American designers Ray and Charles Eames created modern design classics by combining functionality and charm. The PRIAM and MIOS strollers from the CYBEX Platinum range are more than a tribute to the innovative power of their life’s work.

The Story

Perhaps it is no coincidence that it were two Americans who enhanced classic modern architecture and design in two significant ways by infusing it with sound judgement and with humor.

Recognising the Need is the Primary Condition for Design

In contrast, European-led Bauhaus design was always closely linked with ideology. To be cynical, you could say that the Bauhaus movement simply followed the principle “form follows religion”. But Ray and Charles Eames worked according to a different principle: they took the world as it is – and improved it.

The dream duo met during the Second World War – he was an architect, she was an artist – and started out designing leg braces, stretchers and aircraft parts for the US Army. What they came away with from this time was a strong curiosity for what could be achieved with limited means and how you could coax new characteristics and qualities out of simple materials. During the following decades, the couple would completely shake up people’s understanding of what was attractive and useful and their influence can still be felt today.


There is hardly a flat in London Shoreditch, Berlin Mitte or Williamsburg that does not contain at least one of their designs, lovingly unearthed at a flea market or bought new. Because, unlike many other classic pieces of furniture, the chairs of Ray and Charles Eames have always remained true to their original concept. Even new they are relatively affordable, and they look good whatever their age. Although the word “age” should be used with care – they are absolute classics.

Take your Pleasure Seriously

But what is a real classic? We need look no further than some of Ray and Charles Eames’ biggest hits. The “Eames Plastic Side Chair” is actually just a piece of plastic that was organically molded into a seat and backrest perfectly aligned with the human anatomy, and then screwed to a wire frame. The simple design innovatively combined two materials: plastic, which was liberated from its reputation of being cheap, and metal, which was a stylish reference to the hard-core function alism of the machine age. What’s more, this chair allows for countless different configurations, with a variety of legs, a rocking function, and a wide range of colors. For Ray and Charles, design had to be functional – and fun.


The Details are not Details. They Make the Design.

The “Lounge Chair” was the result of tenacious research. Since the 1930s, the Eameses’ had experimented with the technique of bending plywood to form three-dimensional curves. With this design (developed in 1956), the designers succeeded in finding a solution that is still setting standards today.

Inspired by the ingenious simplicity, functionality and beauty of Ray and Charles Eames’ designs, we asked ourselves “How would Ray and Charles Eames create a stroller if they were alive today?”

The aim was to translate the aesthetic and functional standards into a modern pushchair.

This led to the development of the PRIAM – an extremely robust and versatile stroller –
yet still possessing a form that is incomparably light and timeless. The MIOS takes the
Eames’ smart, ultralightweight frames and reinterprets them for the sidewalk.
Light, sturdy and stylish, it is ideally suited to the needs of urban parents and their children.

The PRIAM and the MIOS are an hommage to Ray and Charles Eames.
“The details are not the details. They make the design”.
Their motto inspired through the entire development of this premium stroller.

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Excellence in Every Detail

Discover the New Generation stroller that meets the highest standards in design, safety and functionality. 

Excellence in Every Detail

Discover the New Generation stroller that meets the highest standards in design, safety and functionality. 

Excellence in Every Detail 

Discover the New Generation stroller that meets the highest
standards in design, safety and functionality.