Zimní fusak Platinum

Co kdyby vaše děťátko mohlo zažít kouzlo zimy a přitom se pohodlně uvelebit v teple a pohodlí? Seznamte se se zimním fusakem Platinum – nezbytnou výbavou pro chladné dny s výplní z pravého prachového peří, která odolává teplotám až -20 ˚C.
Barva: Arctic Silver
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Kč 6.190,00
včetně DPH, produkt má nárok na dopravu zdarma
včetně DPH, produkt má nárok na dopravu zdarma
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1100 mm
480 mm
65 mm
1,08 kg

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How do I clean this CYBEX footmuff?

The Winter Footmuff is fully washable. Follow the steps below to maintain the quality of your product. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Do not dry clean - Wash separately - Close all zippers and buttons - Turn the footmuff inside out - Use a special down detergent; never use bleach - Do not use fabric softener - Use a handwash program (temperature: cold or max. 30°C, spinning at a low setting) DRYING INSTRUCTIONS - Use a tumble-dryer to ensure the down filling dries completely - Use a low temperature setting (max. 30°C) - Add three to five tennis or felt balls to the tumble-dryer to loosen the filling - Tumble dry on a low setting until down is completely dry - Manually loosen any remaining clumps of down by shaking and fluffing up the footmuff - Do not iron

What does TOG 6 mean?

TOG 6 is the insulation classification of this footmuff. This means that the footmuff, together with the right clothing, will keep your child warm in temperatures as low as -20°C. Always keep an eye on your child when you are outdoors and act immediately if they become uncomfortable.

With which CYBEX products is this footmuff compatible?

This footmuff is designed for a universal fit for strollers, therefore it is compatible with all strollers.