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    The Lemo Learning Tower Set attaches to the Lemo Chair, helping curious children explore the home environment. It clips easily to your existing Lemo Chair – extra convenient as there's no need for a separate learning tower.
    649,00 DKK
      The Lemo Comfort Inlay includes the baby set cushion, seat surface cushion and backrest cushion in all matching colors and adds an extra layer of comfiness to the Lemo Chair.
      399,00 DKK
        Thanks to the Lemo Bouncer Stand you can use the Lemo Bouncer Nest from birth as a stand-alone solution - in all matching colors. Your little one can bounce naturally, eat or sleep, always staying safe and supported.
        799,00 DKK
          CYBEX Gold
          The Lemo Harness has been specifically designed for the Baby Set to provide extra safety to your child when sitting on the Lemo Chair.
          399,00 DKK
            The Lemo Adapter Set includes the bouncer adapters and the leg extensions, so you can easily attach the Bouncer Nest to the Lemo Chair’s frame.
            199,00 DKK
              CYBEX Platinum
              Our Hausschwein is a delightful home accessory, both an iconic design object and a convenient storage piggy!
              1.649,00 DKK
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