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  • Full Recline
  • SensorSafe
    The CYBEX Cloud Q with SensorSafe™ infant car seat integrates important safety technology into the chest clip of the harness to alert when unsafe situations arise. The alerts are provided through the caregiver’s smartphone to ensure safety for children in a range of unsafe situations. Additionally, the Cloud Q with SensorSafe offers a full recline position outside of the car, load leg base, and patented side-impact protection. The result is a new unique blend of exceptional protection and a new kind of travel system for outstanding safety inside and outside of the car. *Actual product may vary from product shown, in color and features.
    • Age 0 - 18 mths
    • Height 30"
    • 4 - 35 lbs.
    • Full Recline Position
    • SensorSafe™ Technology
    • Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.)
    • Load Leg Base
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