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    CYBEX Platinum


    Our Hausschwein is a delightful home accessory, both an iconic design object and a convenient storage piggy!
    1.649,00 DKK
      CYBEX Platinum

      Wanders Highchair

      The Marcel Wanders Highchair has been carefully designed to give your little one the ultimate in comfort and style.
      3.699,00 DKK
        CYBEX Platinum

        Wanders Bouncer

        An elegant Bouncer featuring a wooden base, a soft seat and harness and a magical design from Marcel Wanders.
        2.799,00 DKK
          CYBEX Platinum

          Wanders Rocker

          This contemporary reimagining of the classic Rocker is instantly iconic with a stylish Marcel Wanders design.
          2.799,00 DKK
            CYBEX Platinum

            Wanders Monster Toy

            The Marcel Wanders Monster Toys are exquisitely crafted puppets sure to spark your little one's imagination.
            499,00 DKK
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