Newborn Nest

Hasta los bebés más pequeños irán totalmente seguros en su cochecito, protegidos por la suavidad envolvente que ofrece Newborn Nest de CYBEX.
Comfort: Negro
€ 59,95
IVA incluido, más gastos de envío
IVA incluido, más gastos de envío
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Acolchado protector extra
Acolchado protector extra
Diseño envolvente para comodidad y protección. El acolchado protege a tu bebé, absorbiendo las vibraciones del camino.
Tejido de malla transpirable
Tejido de malla transpirable
El tejido de malla transpirable mantiene a tu bebé cómodo y seco en cualquier época del año, con una temperatura agradable en todo momento.
Se adapta al crecimiento del bebé
Se adapta al crecimiento del bebé
Levanta y adapta el cojín de la cabeza para aguantar a tu bebé a medida que crece. Y cuando el bebé sea ya muy grande para el nido, puedes retirar el respaldo y seguir usando el asiento como un cómodo cojín.


700 mm
330 mm
70 mm
0.3 kg



Which CYBEX products is this accessory compatible with?

This accessory is designed for a universal fit for strollers that have an ergonomic lie-flat position.

How do I clean this CYBEX accessory?

Yes, this is machine washable at 30 degrees on a gentle wash cycle. Please do not bleach or tumble dry. Line dry only.

What is the difference between the Summer Seat Liner and the Newborn Nest?

The Newborn Nest has extra protective padding and a head cushion that protects your baby by absorbing vibrations and shocks when they're riding in the stroller. The Summer Seat Liner keeps your child cool in summerby absorbing and regulation moisture.

What is unique about this product?

The Newborn Nest is specifically constructed and designed to support newborn babies in almost every stroller. The head cushion can be easily positioned higher and lower and the backrest can be removed to adapt the Newborn Nest to your growing child.


How do I attach this product correctly?

Simply attach this accessory on the stroller harness using the slots in the liner. These allow a variety of harness strap types to pass through, securing the liner to the stroller seat. The head cushion is attached using Velcro, making it easy to move it up and down.

Can I fold my stroller with this accessory attached?

Yes, most strollers can fold with the accessory attached.