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    Over 20 possibilities from birth: The Gazelle S Stroller System grows with your family, supporting over 20 configurations of seat units, cots, or CYBEX infant car seats. The Gazelle S Stroller Frame is the essential basis allowing you to attach different options. For single use in general, you can combine the Cot S, infant car seat or seat pack with the large shopping basket offering extra storage space. For babies from birth, attach the Cot S or the Cloud Q or Aton 2 infant car seat to the frame. When your second child arrives, you can combine the seat unit with the Cot S or one of the Gold infant car seats from CYBEX to use the Gazelle S as a sibling stroller. If you have twins, you can use it as a double stroller and combine two infant car seats, two Cot S attachments, or two-seat units at once
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